Kindergarten (Ages 3-5)

Nurture your child’s love for learning through our engaging and play-based curriculum designed to foster curiosity, exploration, and the development of ethical values in a caring environment.

Engaging Play

Nurturing Care

Multicultural Exploration


Kindergarten is an important year for children as they begin to develop their social and academic skills. At this age, children are introduced to more structured learning activities and begin to learn basic math and literacy skills.

Teaching Methods

Our kindergarten program is designed to promote hands-on learning and exploration. Our teachers use a variety of teaching methods, including group activities, games, and projects, to engage children and encourage their learning.

English Language Powered by CLLC

As an optional curriculum, we offer English language themes powered by the Canadian Language Learning College (CLLC). These themes are designed to introduce children to the English language through fun, interactive activities.

Others Classes

We also offer a range of other activities, including sports and outdoor play, to help children develop their physical skills and stay active.

Grade Features

Play-based Learning

Social Skills

Multisensory Activities

Language Development

Fine Motor Skills

Cognitive Development

Parent Involvement