Grade 6 (Ages 11-12)

Develop into caring and ethical individuals within a professional and multicultural learning environment, where students are encouraged to embrace diversity and become responsible global citizens.

Empowering Responsibility

Innovative Learning

Intercultural Competence


Grade 6 is a year of transition as children prepare for the challenges of middle school. At this age, children are introduced to more advanced academic subjects and begin to develop their critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

Teaching Methods

Our Grade 6 program is designed to promote independent learning and critical thinking. Our teachers use a variety of teaching methods, including project-based learning, group work, and research-based assignments, to engage children and encourage their learning.


– Turkish Language and Literature
– Mathematics
– Science and Technology
– Social Studies
– Religious Culture and Ethics (Islamic education for Muslim students and Ethics for non-Muslim students)
– Fine Arts (Visual Arts and Music)
– Physical Education and Sports
– Citizenship and Human Rights Education

English Language powered by CLLC

As an optional curriculum, we offer English language themes powered by the Canadian Language Learning College (CLLC). These themes are designed to help children develop their English language skills through fun, interactive activities.

Grade Features

Research and Writing

Technological Literacy

Historical Perspectives

Creative Problem Solving

Global Awareness

Public Speaking

STEM Exploration