Our Location

Exceptional Location:

Welcome to our school in Beykoz, Istanbul – a truly exceptional location for students to learn and grow! We believe that the location of our school plays an important role in shaping our students’ educational experience, and we are proud to be situated in one of the most beautiful and vibrant areas of Istanbul.

BaseDustan Design:

Our school building was designed by the renowned architecture and development company, BaseDustan, and features a circular design. The circular shape represents beauty, continuous learning, and caring – values that are at the heart of our educational philosophy. The circular design not only creates a unique and modern architectural style, but it also provides a functional and efficient learning space for our students.

Resort-like Feeling:

The location of our school in Yavuzselim, Beykoz, further enhances the beauty and tranquility of our outdoor surroundings. The lush greenery and natural scenery of Beykoz create a serene and peaceful learning environment that promotes relaxation and concentration. Our resort-style school is designed to provide a learning environment that is both challenging and enjoyable, our students can enjoy the resort-like feeling while they learn and grow in their studies.

Arts, Culture, and Nature:

At our school, we are committed to providing our students with a well-rounded education that includes not only academic excellence but also a deep appreciation for the arts, culture, and nature. Beykoz provides the perfect backdrop for this, with its numerous museums, art galleries, theaters, and historical landmarks. Our students can immerse themselves in the rich culture of Istanbul and learn about its fascinating history and traditions.

Your Second Home:

Moreover, Beykoz is a safe and family-friendly district, with a strong sense of community and a welcoming atmosphere. Our students can feel at home in this friendly and supportive environment, where they can make new friends and build lasting relationships. Overall, we believe that our school’s location in Beykoz, Istanbul, combined with our circular school building design and natural surroundings, creates a unique and innovative learning environment that fosters creativity, critical thinking, and personal growth.


Yavuz Selim in Beykoz, Istanbul can be easily connected to other areas including Üsküdar, Kadıköy, Ataşehir, and Çekmeköy through various transportation options. Public transportation is one of the most convenient ways to travel, especially with the M5 metro line connecting Üsküdar to Çekmeköy and passing through stations such as Ataşehir and Sancaktepe. Moreover, there are many bus routes available such as the 11B bus connecting Yavuz Selim to Üsküdar and the 15R bus connecting it to Kadıköy. Additionally, private transportation options like taxis and ride-sharing services are also available. Furthermore, school bus services are available in the area which may be convenient for families.

We invite you to come and visit us to experience the exceptional learning opportunities that our school has to offer!